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The September Class Schedule will run...
September 8th - October 2nd 

June CI-Connect Classes

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Check out our new and improved classes! We've heard your feedback, checked the data, and created some new CI-Connect classes for you. Below you will find out information about each class, what time and day it runs,  and a link to sign-up. 

Registration will be LIVE on 8/19!

When you sign up:

- you will receive a 

confirmation email

- 30 minutes before the session you will receive the link to the class in an email

-afterwards, feel free to leave us feedback in our Contact tab of this website!




Monday and Thursday

9-9:30am CST

Preschool hour is a class geared towards children between the ages of 2 and 5. Songs, books, movement, and crafts will keep your child engaged and having fun during this 30 minute class. ​

Led by: Ashley

Registration for this class is FREE!

Artsy Artsy

Tuesdays 10-10:45am CST

​Join one of our recreational therapists for arts and crafts! For kids ages 4-8. Families will need to have basic craft supplies (markers or crayons, glue, scissors, paper) available. 

Led by: Stacy

Registration for this class is $5. 



Mondays 2:30-3:00pm CST

Join us for kid-friendly cooking! Each week, we’ll be making a simple mug-recipe, using just a few ingredients. Great for kids ages 9 and up!

Led by: Katie C

Registration for this class is $5. 

AACCessible Story Time Yoga

Thursdays 12-12:45pm CST

Join us for a fun-filled, interactive class designed for AAC users and their families! Each week we will get moving through accessible yoga that is designed to be modified for every body. We will model core words using symbol language and sign language, and read stories while  modeling a variety of alternative communication methods. Movement activities will be adapted for all bodies and movement abilities. This class is open to all ages and stages of communication.

Led by: Annabeth and Mara

Registration for this class is $5. 



Wednesdays 10-10:45am CST

Get ready to move and groove in this dancing class! We’ll be following dances from all your favorite songs. Recommended for ages 8 and up!

Led by: Jen

Registration for this class is $5. 

Parent Coffee Chat

Fridays 10-10:30am CST

This group is for parents and caregivers. ​There will be discussion, tips, and conversation on how to support children's emotional health through uncertain times.

Led by: Jenny

Registration for this class is FREE.

Tel. 123-456-7890

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500 Terry Francois Street, 
San Francisco, CA 94158

Conversation and Create

Wednesdays 2-2:45pm CTS

​Join other creative teens to connect and create! In this group, we will be journaling, drawing, and discussing using leisure as a coping skill. This group will be run by one of our occupational therapists who can lead you through guided and open-ended art activities, while ensuring a relaxing and welcoming environment for all.

Led by: Kathryn

Registration for this class is $5. 


Role playing

game hour

Fridays 10:30-11:15am CST

This class is intended for pre-teens (10-12) who are interested in role playing games! Content will be moderated by group leader for age-appropriate material. Participants will have a chance to create their own stories, problem-solve in unique scenarios, and work cooperatively. Have paper, a writing utensil, and dice (20-sided, if possible) ready. 

Led by: Ismail

Registration for this class is FREE!

Connect Pass

Monthly Unlimited Drop-In Classes 

With the purchase of a monthly Connect Pass, you will receive unlimited drop-in classes for one month. This is great for families planning to take 2 or more classes per week, with significant cost savings after your 8th class! One Connect Pass can be purchased by a family for use with multiple siblings. Upon purchase you will receive a confirmation, and then will receive a calendar with access to all drop-in classes for the month!

A monthly Connect Pass is $40. 


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