We definitely get it, by the end of the week you need a break and your kids need a break too. This reason is exactly why each Friday, our CI Connect classes are free. Love the Friday classes? Check out the rest of the CI Connect weekly line up under the Virtual Classes tab above!


Sign-up for classes at the links below. All participants

will be emailed 30 minutes before the start of class with a link to join.

Click the link to join the class promptly at the start of class time!

8-8:30am Parent Power-Up

Find a few minutes for yourself and join us in an active workout to get your blood pumping and body moving to power-up your day! Join alone or with your kiddos in tow, this 30 minute group will be led by a member of our OT/PT team. Led by: Heidi​

9-9:30 Preschool Fun

Preschool hour is a class geared towards children between the ages of 2 and 5. Songs, books, movement, and crafts will keep your child engaged and having fun during this 45 minute class. This class is led by Chloe and Ketura, our awesome recreational therapists! Led by: Chloe and Ketura

12-12:45: Tea Time

Teens, grab a snack and let’s chat! This group is for teens who are looking for some virtual hang out time and a chance to chat with each other. With therapist moderation, this group will allow teenagers to stay connected and support each other! Led by: Dawn

1-1:45: Middle School Artists

Join one of our recreational therapists for arts and crafts! For kids ages 9+. Families will need to have basic craft supplies (markers or crayons, glue, scissors, paper) available. Led by: Jodi

1-1:45 Role-Playing Game Hour

This class is intended for teens and older (13+) who are interested in role playing games! Material will be moderated, but participants will have greater independence and control over the content of sessions. Participants will have a chance to create their own stories, problem-solve in unique scenarios, and work cooperatively. Have paper, a writing utensil, and dice (20-sided, if possible) ready. Interested members should be able to follow group plans and engage respectfully with others. Led by: Ismail

3-3:45 Snack and Chat

Calling all middle schoolers: let’s hang! This group is for middle school friends who want a space to hang out virtually with some familiar faces, and have a chance to chat with each other. This therapist moderated group, will allow tweens to stay connected and support each other while we are apart.Led by: Dawn


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