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Now offering Connect Clubs!

We are so excited to continue to offer clubs on CI Connect this winter! Clubs will meet once weekly, for a twelve-week period of time. Participants will be required to sign up for all classes of a club up front on the CI Connect website through SignUpGenius. 

Winter 2020 Schedule Block

January 4th - March 26th 

Kids Gardening
Kids Blowing Bubbles


Clubs vs Classes

  • Classes

    • Classes are designed for drop-in capabilities. This means that they will have a consistent class leader, but not a curriculum that requires your child to be there week to week. There is also no limit on the number of participants, so there will likely be less 1:1 interaction between you, the class leader, and other participants.

  • Clubs

    • Clubs are designed with consistency in mind, and content builds from week to week. Numbers are limited for clubs, which allows more 1:1 interaction. Registration for clubs occurs periodically, which means that club members will be the same from week to week! You will make a one time flat payment at the beginning of the scheduling period for the cost of all club meetings that month. Single club (meet 1x/week) = $75 for a 12-week period. 


Kids in Vegetable Farm
Kids Running


Single Drop-In Class: $5

Connect Club (1x/week): $75 for 12 weeks


Kids at Playground